Dr. Kanhaiya’s Lesson on Diversity

BV Kakkilaya Centenary at Mangaluru, at 1pm on Saturday, Aug 10, 2019
Dr. Kanhaiya Kumar Responds to a Questioner on Jai Shri Ram

During the discussion on Indian Youth at Crossroads, a question asked by a girl, who claimed herself to represent the students and youth of Mangaluru, was answered by Dr. Kanhaiya in such a way, that it instantly became madly viral all over the media, with millions watching the video, and the conversation transcribed into many languages.

The young girl started her question with ‘Jai Sriram’ and asked Com Kanhaiya why he cannot preach one nation, one student power, one polity, one unity policy. Com. Kanhaiya replied: ‘You are preaching one. But I am born of the interaction of two people i.e., my father and my mother. There is no controversy about our nation being one. Our nation is bound by one constitution which has got more than 300 articles.  The constitution provides for one parliament which has two houses. Each house has several elected members. So whatever we follow or whatever we do has plurality or diversity. You may say ‘Jai Sriram’ or ‘Jai Hanuman’ or anything you like to say. The constitution has given you liberty to say whatever you want. So please say ‘Jai’ to our constitution also.’

Dr. Kanhaiya continued: ‘I am born in Begusarai which is included in Mithila province. In Mithila every year Rama’s marriage is arranged. During this festival, several people from Ayodhya came over to Mithila with Rama’s attire. They are welcomed with abuses by locals. This is the practice of our place. It is our culture. In our place we do not name the Gods singly. We always say Seetharam or Radhekrishna and like that. There are more than 300 Ramayanas written by different people in different regions. In Lahol district there is a different Ramayana. In this version, Ravana is the father of Seetha. Rama loves Seetha and marries her. Ravana was against it and thus the war between them. In Himachal Pradesh there is a Triloknath Temple. There the idol of Shiva is on the head of Buddha. Here both Buddhists and Hindus pray. India is a big nation with a lot of diversities. To know this we have to travel the whole of India. Then only you will understand the beauty of it. When we think of the broadness of India it makes us to feel how small we are. If you go to any part if India you will have different experiences and thrills. You and I love this country. We love our mother. But if anybody come to you with a flag and ask you to shout a particular slogan and ask you to show your love to your mother, I am sure you will not do it. This country is mine. I love it. But love is not for exhibition. I always carry it in my heart and move forward.’ The reply was received with thunderous applause and the video has since gone viral all over, with more than 1 crore people watching it and there were thousands of congratulatory comments.

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Video: Shenoy Video, Mangaluru