Inspired Orations : ಪ್ರೇರಿತ ಉಪನ್ಯಾಸಗಳು

BV Kakkilaya Inspired Orations are being organised since 2013 at Mangaluru to commemorate the life and works of Sri BV Kakkilaya (1919-2012), a freedom fighter, veteran leader of Communist Party of India (CPI), and AITUC, member of the first Rajya Sabha (1952-54) and Karnataka Legislative Assembly (1972-1983), award winning writer and thinker.

The first BV Kakkilaya Inspired Orations were delivered by Sri P Sainath, eminent journalist and writer, on Sep 7, 2013. Sri P Sainath’s oration at the Mangalore University campus was titled Reporting Rural India and the second oration at Mangaluru city was titled Corporate Hijack of Indian Agriculture. [See]

Prof. Amit Bhaduri, eminent economist and Professor emeritus at JNU, Delhi delivered the orations in 2014. The first one at the University Campus was held on Aug 22, 2014 and was titled The Interface Between Development and Ecology: Conflict and Cooperation. The second one at Mangaluru city was delivered on Aug 23, 2014 and was titled Nationalism and Economic Development in the Era of Globalisation. [See]

In 2015, the BV Kakkilaya Inspired Oration was delivered at Mangaluru City by Prof. Romila Thapar, eminent historian and Professor emerita of JNU, Delhi on January 2, 2015 and the topic was Indian Society and Secularism. [See]

Prof. Aditya Mukherjee, Professor of Contemporary Indian History, Centre for Historical Studies and Dean, School of Social Sciences, JNU, Delhi, delivered the oration on October 11, 2016, at the University College Mangaluru, titled The Idea of India: The Vision and the Challenges.[See]
In 2017, Sri Siddharth Varadarajan, emninent jopurnalist and Founding Editor of The Wire, delivered the BV Kakkilaya Inspired Oration at St. Aloysius College, mangaluru on Nov 4, 2017, on ‘What is Happening to the Media in India. [See]