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BV Kakkilaya Oration 2023

BV Kakkilaya Inspired Oration – 2023, titled Joint Martyrdoms, Joint Heritage of 1857 War of Independence, was delivered by Dr. Shamsul Islam, former Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Delhi, also a well-known researcher, author and People’s Theatre Activist, on Saturday, September 9, 2023 at 10am at Ravindra Kalabhavana, University College, Mangalore. It was very well attended and very much appreciated …

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Sri BV Kakkilaya in Rajya Sabha on Re-unification of Karnataka State

21-Jul-1952: Government Resolutions: Discussion on Resolution Reformation of Andhra State SHRI B. V. KAKKILAYA (Madras): Sir, I rise to support the Resolution for the formation of an Andhra Province. I do so not because I feel that the problem of Andhra is based on a special footing as the Prime Minister declared. I support the …

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BV Kakkilaya Inspired Oration – 2022: Prof. Apoorvanand

BV Kakkilaya Inspired Oration – 2022 Prof. Apoorvanand : Innards of contemporary social discourse Salient points from Pro. Apoorvanand’s oration: It’s the internal fears, anxieties, deficiencies, weaknesses, helplessness, difficulties, sufferings that drive hatred, which is perceived as a tool for survival. Love is natural, but loving many is not easy. Hate doesn’t come naturally, hatred is taught, …

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